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In Probely, a target defines the scope and behavior of a scan on a website, an application, or an API.
Each target has a URL that defines the scope of the scan and also the configuration of the scan behavior as, for example:

  • The authentication mechanism for the scanner to be able to log in.
  • The scan profile defining how the scan is performed.
  • The integration with third-party systems, like Jira, to synchronize scan results.

Learn more about targets in this article: Targets from A to Z.


The endpoints under Targets provide the following functionality:

  • Create and manage targets.
  • Update and delete targets in bulk.
  • Export and import targets.
  • Upload and download API schema files of API targets.
  • Check authentication in API targets.
  • Clear authentication configurations in targets.
  • Create and manage logout detectors in targets.

Further functionality related to Targets is provided in the following tags:

  • Target Scans Configuration
    • Assets - Manage extra hosts to extend the scope of target scans to more domains.
    • Scanning Agents - Manage scanning agents to extend the scope of target scans to internal applications.
    • Reduced Scope - Manage reduced scopes to run partial scans on a subset of the target.
    • Navigation and Login Sequences - Manage recorded sequences of browser interactions to replay in target scans.
    • Scan Profiles - Manage scan profiles to configure how target scans are performed.
  • Target Scans
  • Findings
    • Findings - Manage findings obtained from target scans.
  • Reports
    • Reports - Retrieve reports on findings from target scans.
    • Dashboards - Retrieve statistical information on target scans.
  • Integrations
  • Events
    • Events - Manage notifications of events on targets and target scans.
  • Target Management
    • Account - Manage targets with unlimited scans in the account.
    • Teams - Manage targets in teams.
    • Target Labels - Manage labels to apply to targets to facilitate target management.