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Navigation and Login Sequences

During target scans, websites and web applications can have complex areas that make it difficult for any crawler to reach. For example, a multi-step form, where the second step depends directly on a specific input from the first step.

Probely provides a way of recording sequences of actions to be replayed by the crawler during target scans and, in this way, reach URLs within those complex areas.

To record sequences, install the Probely Recorder plugin in your Chrome or Firefox browser and then use it to record every action taken to pass a complex area. For more information, read these articles:

Once recorded, create the sequence as a Login Sequence or Navigation Sequence. Learn how it is done in the Probely app:


The endpoints under Navigation and Login Sequences provide the following functionality:

  • Create and manage navigation and login sequences.
  • Re-order navigation sequences.

Important Notes

Some relevant information when using Navigation and Login Sequences:

  • Sequences are recorded in JSON format.
  • After recording a sequence, review and remove unnecessary steps in the JSON, such as extra clicks or mouse hoverings. The crawler will perform faster when replaying the steps.

Further functionality related to Navigation and Login Sequences is provided in the following tags:

  • Targets - Enable and disable login sequences in targets.