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Findings represent vulnerabilities identified during target scans. You can analyze and take action on findings and, to help you decide what to do, each finding comes with contextual information, namely:

  • A classification of the severity level.
  • A description of the identified vulnerability.
  • The evidence of the vulnerability.
  • The executed requests and the obtained responses.
  • A suggestion on how to fix the vulnerability.

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The endpoints under Findings provide the following functionality:

  • Account Level

    • List findings of the account, i.e., findings of all targets of the account.
    • Retrieve a finding of the account.
    • Update findings of the account, one by one or in bulk.
    • Re-test findings of the account in bulk.
  • Target Level

    • List findings of a target.
    • Retrieve findings of a target.
    • Update findings of the target, one by one or in bulk.
    • Re-test findings of a target, one by one or in bulk.
    • List the activity of a finding of a target.

Important Notes​

Some relevant information when using Findings:

  • Findings are only created for vulnerabilities not identified in previous scans.
  • If a vulnerability was identified in a previous scan, the following scans that identify it again simply update the respective finding.
  • If a scan can no longer identify a vulnerability, the respective finding is marked as Fixed.
  • In a re-test, if the identified vulnerability is not replicated, the finding is marked as Fixed.

Further functionality related to Findings is provided in the following tags:

  • Targets - Start target scans.
  • Scans - Manage target scans.
  • Reports - Produce reports on findings from target scans.
  • Vulnerabilities - List and retrieve vulnerabilities definitions.