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API Users

API users are a special kind of user in a Probely account. They represent applications interacting with Probely through the API in machine-to-machine scenarios, such as standalone applications integrating with Probely.

Depending on the roles assigned, API users can have access to different features of Probely to perform their tasks. Read more on How do Roles and Permissions Work


The endpoints under API Users provide the following functionality:

  • Create and manage API users.
  • Create, manage, and assign API user roles to API users.

Important Notes

Some relevant information when using API Users:

  • An API user has an access token that identifies it.
  • Unlike users, access tokens for API users won't have an expiration date due to the nature of machine-to-machine interactions.

Further functionality related to API Users is provided in the following tags:

  • User Management - Manage users in the account including API users.
  • User - Manage specific API user settings, like passwords or notifications.